Formula 1 Engine Sounds – V6, V8, V10 and V12

V6 hybrid engines  (with 15,000 RPM limit) used for the 2014-2021 seasons.

The  main reason why F1 is using V6 engines is to reduce the fuel consumption which helped to reduce emissions and also makes it more environmentaly friendly . The  MGU H Units are connected to the engine which sucks in the exhaust air and allows for greater combustion of the fuel.

As per new rules upcoming MGU-H units will be dropped from power units from 2026. Also, the power output will be reduced to around 400kw (approximately 570 bhp) down from 750bhp whilst the MGU-K’s electrical energy capacity will be increased to 350kw (460 bhp).

For those who did not know:

MGU-K stands for Motor Generator Unit – Kinetic.   The kinetic energy through braking is lost as it becomes thermal energy through brakes units. The Hybrid system, allows for this energy to be recovered by the unit as electrical energy and later to be stored in the battery. This will give extra power (up to 15.7 HP) to the motor during acceleration.

While MGU-H stands for Motor Generator Unit – Heat. It captures thermal energy generated from the engine’s exhaust. Normally exhaust from the engine’s combustion chamber would be lost however the thermal energy recovery system reuses this thermal energy to generate electricity.

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Written by andrius

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